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Key features:
Spherical Lens
0 dioptres
Color: Brown
Disposability: Monthly
In The Box
Pack of: 2
Sales Package: 2 Contact Lens
Water Content: 0.42 %
Tint Type: Brown
Axis Power: 0 degree
Corrective Power: -0.00 dioptres
Color: Brown
Spherical Power: -0.00 dioptres
Brand: Bausch & Lomb
Material: Hefilcon A
Tint Shade: Brown
UV Protection: Yes
Base Curve: 14 mm
Model Name: Lacelle Brown Contact Lens with Biotrue 60ml Solution by Visions India
Brand Color: Brown
Disposability: Monthly
Cylindrical Power: 0 dioptres
Lens Type: Spherical Lens