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Additional Features
Other Features:
  • Lactol has been Saving the Lives of Puppies for Generations
  • Made from Easily Digestible Whey Proteins
  • It is Extremely Palatable and of Optimum Biological Value Due to its Excellent Amino Acid Content and the Special Low-temperature Drying Process Which Preserves Fragile Protein Structures
  • Because of this More of the Protein in the Product can be Utilized by Growing Animals With Added Vitamins and Minerals
  • Lactol Provides a Complete Milk Replacement Feed
In The Box
Pack of: 1
Nutrient Content: Proteins, Amino Acid, Fragile Protein, Vitamins, Minerals
Model Number: 5021284177436
Brand: Beaphar
Model Name: Lactol
Quantity: 250 g