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Key features:
For Bird
Flavor: Na
Food Type: Wet
Suitable For: Adult
In The Box
Pack of: 1
Pet Type: Bird
Key Benefits: Moulting, Feather Development
Food Type: Wet
Suitable For: Adult
Brand: Versele -Laga
Model Number: FR 59 426 1001
Model Name: Muta-Vit
Flavor: NA
Feeding Instructions: - 1 tablespoon measure (= 1 g) of Muta-Vit per 250 ml of water or 100 g food., - During the moult to promote the development of feathers three times a week., - In preparation for the show season for 4 consecutive days., - After treatment with antibiotics or other medicines for 5 consecutive days., - In cases of decreased appetite as a result of poor metabolism for one whole week.
Quantity: 30 ml